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Hey flute students and parents!

Are you ready to take your playing to the next level?

Are you tired of getting nervous every time you audition?

Are you ready to have tons of performance opportunities?

Want to be part of a really cool club of awesome kids?

What about just wanting to have fun learning about music?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place!

2014-09-27 12.34.08.jpg

Whether your goal is to...


  1. Learn how to play the flute

  2. Get into a collegiate music program, youth orchestra, music festival, all state band

  3. Or just get better at flute,

I can help you!


I have taught numerous students over the past 15 years from age 5 to 60. Each student is different, and I make time spent in the lesson focused on that student’s goals.

And we have a lot of fun!

Image by Augustine Wong

Here's what you'll learn...


Learn proper tone production, fingering, and breath control on flute.

(that’s the main reason why you’re here, right?)

Learning the basics in band is great, but having an individual coach to show you all the "hacks" is even better.

DCA20154-3F11-4CD3-9092-9BBC0D4655D9 (1)



Learn all types of music.

(hello, Adelle!)

We love Mozart, but sometimes you've just got to jam out to some pop, rock, and Disney. At the end of each school year, we do flute karaoke.


Costumes optional (not really). ;-)  


Learn discipline, intrinsic motivation, and increase self esteem and therefore not be TERRIFIED of performing or auditioning.

Do YOUR hands sweat when you perform or audition? I have a solution. 

(Don't these little ladies look fearless?)

Little students.jpeg


Become proficient in music theory, history, and current music culture

(my students are woke!)

We celebrate our differences and encourage exploration of different cultures and music. There's a lot of music (and food) out there; why not enjoy it all?



Perform frequently in studio recitals
(Halloween Recital, Holiday Caroling, Collaborative Recital, Spring Recital)

Students stay busy by participating in many events throughout the year, including guest artist masterclasses, parties, recitals, field trips, concerts. They participate in local youth symphony or All State ensemble flute auditions and competitions (we always have representation).


Join the coolest club of flute students EVER!

(We call ourselves a "flute family" for a reason)

Students work with other students in the studio by playing duets, trios, and

other chamber music (it’s more fun playing together).

They're also involved in local flute and music events (we wear matching t-shirts

when we go places).

AFC trip.jpg

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that every person deserves an opportunity to excel. I teach music the way I do because I believe in not limiting a person to only achieving what is "normal."

Studying music contributes to developing humanity, a sense of culture

awareness, and characteristics essential to forging bonds with others in every student. I communicate with students about their lives at school, home, and their future endeavors and provide them with an open and non judgemental ear when needed (everyone needs a sounding board). My goal is to develop a lifelong love of music and humanity in every student.

I developed an entire program based on college learning for students to learn high level skills at young ages. As a "late bloomer" in flute, I never was given the opportunity to excel beyond what was expected of me at any given time.

Today, I offer my students the chance to succeed far beyond "what

is expected.” (Band music is great, but let me show you a whole other world!) Without boundaries, students work at an accelerated pace and are able to accomplish big goals in little time. By working with the individual student, I am able to help them to figure out how to learn the most efficiently. Each lesson encompasses many aspects of performance, history, theory, and current events. Each student's character is developed by participating in monthly studio events such as hosting guest artists and mock auditions, and opportunities for leadership (afterall, we are a flute family).


Students perform four times a year in various recitals: The Halloween Recital (hello studio costume contest), Christmas Caroling, Collaborative Recital (with a harpist), and the Spring Recital. Students also participate in a week long summer camp (Camp Flove).


During lessons, I often make use of a rubber chicken and a pair of wax lips, not to mention the beloved Easy Button. I expect students to practice daily so that we can achieve as much as possible during each lesson. I have also found that by holding students to high expectations from the beginning, they will excel much faster and flute lessons become even more rewarding. Even though I keep standards high, flute lessons are always fun and entertaining (we do flute karaoke and dress up in costumes). Students should be ready to work hard.

Am I the right fit?

flute (1).png

01. Do you LOVE the flute?

02. Are you excited about practicing when you get home from school?

03. Do you watch flute videos on YouTube?

Are you ready to work hard and achieve AMAZING results?

05. Do you want to be around high achievers who love playing the flute too?

Do you want to be one of the best flutists in your school band, your school district, or maybe even the state?

If this is you...


Step 1

Get in touch!

Send me a message by clicking here and let me know all about you!

We'll come up with a time to meet for our first, free lesson.

friends (1).png

Step 2

Meet in person!

I'll invite you to my "flute cave" where we'll discuss your goals, dreams, and what you can expect from lessons.


I'll also do a quick check of your flute to make sure it's in the best shape possible.

flute (1).png

Step 3

If we decide we're a good fit, we'll get started!


I have a 3 month trial period with every new student to make sure we're well suited for each other.


Get ready for lots of fun, progress, and music making!

Here's what you'll learn...

● As soon as you walk in the door to my studio, you are instantly included in

my flute family. This means never-ending support, guidance, and quality

music making. Time spent in a weekly lesson is not the only time I spend

supporting you. This is not just flute lessons! This is a flute program filled

with weekly support text messages, lots of handouts about flute, flute

playing, music history and theory, and research to find enrichment

activities, competitions, and performance opportunities. You’re here to

learn, so I’m going to give you everything I have to offer!

● Parents are kept up-to-date on their child's progress and are provided with

ample reading material covering topics such as “How to Help Your Child

Succeed in Music,” and “Taking Private Music Lessons and Intelligence."

Parents are also given each others’ contact information for arranging car

pools to lessons and events.

● I am not only a performer but also strive to be the best teacher I can be. I

devote myself to my students and enjoy nothing more than seeing my

students excel. I am a professional flutist but also a professional flute

TEACHER! I observe master flute teachers and communicate with others

about teaching and learning constantly. I hold a Doctor of Musical Arts

degree in flute performance and maintain an active performing, teaching,

and speaking schedule. I share everything I learn on my travels with

students and their families and I expect to hear about all of my students'

adventures too!

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