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You've heard of flute lessons before, but you've never seen anything like this.

Hi! I'm Katherine Emeneth, and I'm the owner of the Georgia Flute Academy. My students call me Dr. E, Ms. Katherine, and sometimes just "Flute Mom."

I've done it all as a professional musician and teacher. I have all of the degrees: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate all in education and flute. I've taught everything from elementary music to college courses for music majors. I've played in many professional orchestras, competed in flute performance at the international level, and have extensive experience in flute pedagogy.

A few years after graduating with my doctorate in flute performance, I noticed something in college flute studios. The students are given numerous opportunities to perform, learn, and experience their craft. They grow SO MUCH because of the experiences they're offered. I know I did.

I had worked with pre-teens and teens long enough to know that if they love music and are given the opportunity to excel, THEY WILL. Why shouldn't teenagers have the experience of performing solo recitals 3 times a year? Why shouldn't they be exposed to the best flutists in the world? Why can't they learn college level music theory and history?

I started this crazy new studio idea in Sugar Hill, Georgia, and I can tell you, IT WORKS. My students sound amazing, they love music, and have had more musical experiences before the age of 18 than most people do (including me).


If you're a fan of not being ordinary but extraordinary, you're in the right place!

Join Our Academy Today

As soon as you walk through the door to my "flute cave," you're instantly part of a community of young flutists who work hard, have fun, and love making music. 

[And we have some pretty epic studio parties.]

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